Who knew something so slippery could stick together so well! Play as a slime traversing through a dungeon, stacking on top and beside your fellow slimes to make your way to the end goal. Stack up to reach ledges and launch stacks to cross gaps, but pay attention to your colors, you can’t go where you don’t belong! Use that slime brain of yours and make it to the end!


Movement - WASD 

Space Bar - Jump

Left Click/E - Stack from selected slime up!

Made in 48 Hours for the GMTK Game Jam

Programming by DoubleBrackets (https://doublebrackets.itch.io/) and Guner33(https://ivankguner33.itch.io/)

Art and Levels by Jellied (https://twitter.com/itsJellied) & Kazy (https://kazy-atago.itch.io/

Sound by Saad Memon - itch.io (https://saadmemon.com)  

Music by Zachary Pinkham (https://zacharypinkham.com)

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsDoubleBrackets, itsJellied, Saad Memon, Kazy_Atago, IvanK(Guner33), Zachary Pinkham
GenrePuzzle, Platformer


SlimeyStaxWindows.zip 46 MB


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Great game nice graphic and level design. Very addictive, well done guys :)

Very beautiful graphic with pixel animations that I personally adore. I'd like to say that everything is well made when it comes 48h time limit. 

Good job guys!